Friday, March 19, 2010

Worry, you are evil.

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There are exactly 11 days 'till classes end.

My schedule is jam-packed with exams from the history of medicine to the teeniest substance in biochemistry. I don't care about sleep deprivation, the constant craving for ice cream and happy hormones nor the pain of my back muscles. I really don't care. What kills me is the constant voice in my head reminding me of school and the need to finish my first year in ONE academic year. Yes, just one.

I must turn this anxiety into action,
and worry into something productive.

To my friends,
thank you for keeping me sane.

This entry is a way to remind myself of the things that I have to do and accomplish. If you feel the same way, trust me, you are not alone. Cheers to us, students. We can do this. :D