Monday, March 8, 2010

I am no Alice but I do dream of Wonderland.

And this post is not a review of Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland".
 (Bad reviews from movie critiques but what the heck. I am in love with it!)

So anyway,
what was I gonna say again?
Oh yeah.
I am no Alice but I do dream of Wonderland.

While Alice's Wonderland has talking animals, a queen with a bulbous head and an army of cards,
my Wonderland is a place of books and its' wonderful characters.


That's me!

You can leave me in a bookstore and I could stay there forever. I could get lost in a world of books without a care of time or the world (reality that is). I have more than enough books than I have time to read but somehow, I still manage to keep bringing in some more.


Today, I went again to Power Books to check out the other novels from Neil Gaiman (author of the famous "Stardust"). Two days ago, I bought "Neverwhere" but I haven't read it yet. It sounds promising though. Haha!

As I was checking out "The Anansi Boys", a friend and fellow blogger, Jorich, showed me the book that he found 2 days ago, as well. I could not believe my luck. I've been looking for that book since FOREVER!

"This Book Will Change Your Life Again" is written by Ben Carey and Henrik Delehag, also known as Benrik. I have been trying to get hold of their other book, "This Diary Will Change Your Life" but it was always out of stock. Other than writing, they are also a duo of artists and this book is definitely a proof of their creativity.

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I know.
It's crazy!
I wish I could show you all the pages of the book. Each one is a piece of Art.
Unbelievable really.

The book has 365 daily instructions for hysterical living (a bunch of crazy ideas). Some of it are way beyond crazy ("Hands free day". %$^#$ Are they serious? Hilarious! Hahaha!) Some of it though are crazy ideas that random and gutsy people can actually do: past a note in a public transport, pretend that you're pregnant and give away free hugs.

Awesome, right?

I can actually do a bunch of these stuff and make a progress report of hysterical living. What do you think? Who's willing to do this with me? We can be famous! Who knows, right? Haha!

So yeah.
Who said Wonderland's boring huh?

Peace and love.