Wednesday, July 21, 2010

IMAX Theatre, SM Cebu: Think Big!

Yes, I am OFFICIALLY back.
*and makes an epic grand entrance
And what could be better than an IMAX experience  for a comeback entry, huh?

Hello there buddies (IMY sooo)
and say hi to the newly opened IMAX Theatre at SM City Cebu!

Think BIG!

I was fortunate to be invited to the special screening of James Cameron's Avatar on the IMAX Theatre. I've seen the movie last year at SM's Digital Theatre (which was awesome, by the way EXCEPT for the fact that I had to adjust and readjust the 3D glasses) but complimentary tickets are just hard to resist, yes? (Okaaaaay honestly, I've been praying for a complimentary ticket. Ask Doy. *wide grin. Hahaha!)

I went to the event with a couple of friends, fellow members of CDP (Cebu Digital Photographers) and CBSi (Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc.)

Group shot with CDP and Mr. Allan M. Florendo, Assistant Vice-president for Sales and Marketing of SM Cinema

 Aside from the press kits and the stickers, we also had free popcorn with a *surprise doughnut in a paper bag and drinks, as well. (*surprise: My friends and I didn't know that there was a free doughnut in the paper bag 'til 20-30 minutes before the movie ended. Surprising, huh? Hahaha!)

The first 3 rows and the huge screen. Photo by Xerxes Aaron Chua Bernadez

The huge screen and that-brand-new-car-smell was just awesome. 

Cam-whoring with the 3D glasses before the movie started.
Note: You are not allowed to take photos inside the movie house.
We were just lucky kids. HA!

I have high hopes for the IMAX Theatre. I'm a  pretty big movie buff and the biggest issue that I have with our local movie houses is the audio quality. Surround sound is just not too "surround" for me.

When the movie started, I was in awe. Sound system was superb. Avatar, with its epic world, Pandora, was a wise choice.

Larger screen + better resolution = visually stunning.

Those luminous, floating jellyfish-like creatures which descended on Sully's body were twice its awesomeness in IMAX.

SM Cebu's IMAX Theatre is actually the third in the country and the first  one outside Metro Manila. I've been asked a lot of times by friends about IMAX. Yes, IMAX was officially opened to the public last July 9, 2010 and no, the D-Cinema (Digital Theatre) of SM Cebu is not an IMAX Theatre.

What makes it IMAX?
The unique digital projection system delivers the key elements that make up the IMAX experience. These include:
  • Revolutionary projection technology
  • Powerful audio system
  • Customized theatre geometry
I wouldn't go into the science of this awesome technology. What matters most is that we, the audience, are able to experience and enjoy this immersive movie watching.

Here's the tentative movie schedule of the IMAX Theatre (from the press release):

August 4 -- Hubble 3D
Sept. 24 -- Legend of the Guardians 3D
Nov. 18 -- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2D
Jan. 08, 2011 -- Tron Legacy 3D

Note: P400 for the 3D films and P350 for 2D.
I think Tron is one movie to watch out for. Hohummm. :)

A tip before the vanity photos (errr): Rows H, I or J are the "center" seats. We were seated at row N. It was just the perfect distance from the screen.  It would have been more perfect if we were in the center of that row. Teehee.

Oh by the way, I love the fact that I wasn't adjusting and readjusting the 3D glasses this time. Yaaay! I'm just wondering how they sanitize these glasses after every movie. Hmmmm. :) The recliner seats are better than the regular ones. Just the right amount of space. You can also move the arm rest up so that you sit nearer (ehem) to your movie buddy. And oh, the restrooms were spacious! HAHAHA!

Although ticket prices are a bit steep, the experience of a 3D movie in an IMAX technology is worth the price.

I would like to thank SM Prime Holdings for bringing this technological evolution in Cebu.

The IMAX Experience.

Photos: Nike Cagulada

Photos: Chai Rico

Here's my baller band from the pre-launch party of IMAX at the North Wing. Thank you Greg Limpin!

You'll get a free baller band for every ticket ('til supplies last!).
A friend got his baller when he watched Inception last Saturday.
Go grab yours!