Sunday, March 7, 2010

Frizberry Yogurt (Yummy Goodness and Some Extras)

A cup of yumminess + a spoonful of healthy goodness = yogurt delight!
In this season of fun and heat, there's nothing better than enjoying a cup (maybe 2?) of frozen goodness.

Let us enjoy Frizberry Yogurt as it opens tomorrow at SM City Cebu at the 2nd level of the main mall (just across Salon de Rose).

And if you refuse to drink milk and is powered by coffee (like moi),
there's no better way to have a dose of calcium than having a cup of this yummy treat.

In fact, there are a gazzillion more reasons why you should include this in your lifestyle.
Check this out.

On another note,
I have revamped my blog's layout. There are still many things that I have yet to finish but as of now, this will do.
My sidebar is still messy and I have to fix some links.


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I have been everywhere and doing anything really.
There are a LOT of things that I have to tell you
(whoever you are, I MISS YOU!)

School is tough but I am working hard on it. Please do pray for me that all will be well.

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Oh I like my yellow balloon, er, cotton candy.

So yeah, back to work.
I will see you again.
Sooooonest. :)