Sunday, October 4, 2009

Photoshoot for a Cause (Verdict? SUCCESS!)

3 days ago, I published a blog post about the Photographers Club of Cebu's "Photo Shoot for a Cause".

Yesterday, I woke up at around 8 in the morning (late for the event, I know!) I had to get ready fast and be at the Family Park before 10. I really had no idea on who's going to be there or what's going to happen. All I know is that I had to be there. Fast.

Due to unexpected circumstances, Hester Renel and I arrived at the area at 10:30AM. By that time, there were already a number of photographers and I presumed that they were already done with the first or second round of shots. Before we arrived, I was already expecting 20 to 25 photographers. Don't get me wrong. I just thought that people would be busy on a Saturday. But holy schmoly! There were more than 50 photographers who generously gave their time for the victims of Ondoy. 50 photographers from different groups with a common goal. Now, how cool is that?

Behind the Scene V.2

My contacts from Facebook, Twitter, Multiply and practically all over the web, know how vocal I am when it comes to the victims of Ondoy.

For some reason, I feel very involved in this cause.Just 2 nights ago, I saw this baby in a styro (the parents placed her there so that she'll be safe as they cross that murky and deep flood water), I knew I had to do something. That night, I donated a little something to the Philippine Red Cross. But I knew it wasn't enough. This is the reason why I've been posting this EVERYWHERE. Twitter. Multiply. Facebook. Other people's blogs. We have to take that extra step to make a difference.  -- Noelle, 5 days ago

When I found out that that there will be a Photo Shoot for a Cause, I knew that I had to be there. God has given me a talent to capture beautiful images. I have to give my share. I am not posting this to brag. This is a call for each one of you to at least do something, anything. Volunteer. Donate. Help. Somewhere out there, a kid is crying for your help.

I am proud to have been a part of the said event. I might have been late, missed a LOT of shots, but what the heck. I have done my purpose.

And to quote PCC,

THANK YOU: Hearts f1.0 (wide open) for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy

Photographers Club of Cebu would like to thank all photographers who heeded the call to help our countrymen. With your help we were able to raise and donate P14,800 in cash, a sack of rice and a lot of clothings and canned/dry goods.

GMA-7 Kapuso Foundation was there to pick up the donation.

Our hearfelt gratitude also goes out to the following:

Designer: Cres Abines
MUA: Vincent Bermejo
Models: Nica Aranes, Richel Absin, Ivy Tabigue, Cynthia Lois, Jinky Canadalla, Katherine Farhat, Jamela Gallito, Monique Senido, Kate Veits, LJ Pineda, Princess Velez

Special mention to Kit Bajar and Ian Javier for mobilizing the models and crew.

Roland Caranzo for the bookmark design above.

Here are my photos from the event.

Into the Wild V.1

Modern PinayInto the Wild V.2

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