Monday, October 5, 2009

Let Your Voice Be Heard: The Philippine Blog Awards 2009 Bloggers’ Choice Special Award (Visayas)

Last October 1, 2009, a final list of the official entries for the 2009 Bloggers’ Choice Special Award  was released. If I haven't checked out Bryan Karl Yuson's entry, I wouldn't have known that my little space in the web is a part of that long line of nominees *insert giddiness here. I wouldn't lie and not say that I didn't sign up and grabbed that nifty "2009 Philippine Blog Awards Nominee" badge. Buhatin ang sariling bangko (which was what the others did, too, I guess. Haha!) Seriously though, I wasn't expecting anything when I registered. What's there to lose? But lo and behold
, Her Name is Noelle now belongs to the roster of nominees. Do you know what's even cooler? My dearest friend and fellow photo enthusiast, Toni Marie Despojo, (Notes from  TONI) is also a part of this list! Yesssss, we're cool like that

The Philippine Blog Awards is a yearly event that aims to give recognition to outstandings blogs in but not limited to the Filipino Blogging Community. The Philippine Blog Awards is organized by the Philippine Blogger Awards Inc. a non-stock and non-profit corporation.

Now here comes the fun part: la votacion. I wouldn't go and feed my ego this time. My blog is too young for this. Being selected among a number of blogs by Filipinos is more than gratifying.

So who will get my precious vote? <do the dance> No other than the Cebu Bloggers Society! To give you a teeny, tiny overview of the organization, CBS is a team of Cebu-based bloggers with a a goal of promoting Cebu (yo homeys!) through blogging. If you want to know more about this organization, click this. Why CBS? On October  10, 2009, I will be meeting a member or members of the CBS for the orientation at Ayala Center, Cebu. So yeah. Their victory will also be mine.

If you want to take a look at the nominees, click this. If you want your favorite blog from the Visayas to win, click this and cast your vote on or before 10:30PM on October 14, 2009. Oh by the way, you must be a Filipino blogger and must have established a blog before JUNE 2009 to vote.

Before I forget, The Philippine Blog Awards Visayas Event will be held on October 18 at 7PM at the Ayala City Sports, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City. For interested Visayas-based bloggers, you may register here. To know more about the event, you may also head over to

This is way off the topic, but I'd like to include this here.
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