Saturday, October 18, 2008

I Can't Even Remember

It has been soooooo long!
AGES since my last blog post.
What have I been up to?
What -- or who (?) -- is keeping me busy?
Nothing, really.
And EVERYTHING at the same time.

Yes, there are several reasons for my online-non-existence.

Uno: My gamer-RF-online-addict-pc-dominator brother -- to a great extent, YES, he dominates. (And another yes, it's time to buy that much-coveted laptop. Or not. HAHA)

Dos: When I am online, I check my multiply page for awhile, check my e-mail, my friendster account, my blog site, Yahoo! pages and when time PERMITS (please refer to reason UNO), I look at photography websites and go OL in YM. Only if there is luxury of time (which is RARELY the case. tsk)

Tres: I hate arguing. So even though I am older, and yes NICO (<--- THE brother), I-am-in-college-and-will-be-graduating-SOON--i-SHOULD-dominate, I let it pass. I let it go. It's not worth the energy. And yes, I love my brother that much.
Cuatro: School with emphasis on NURSING equals mind torture and physical drain. GRABEEEH. I'd rather spend my time sleeping and "chilling" than strain my eyes and glue myself to the monitor for a day.

Cinco: Breaking Dawn's taking tooooo much of my time. I'm almost done though. Hurrahhh!
Seis: I spend use my extra time to TALK to the most important people in my life. That's basically IT. (It's EVERYTHING)

Siete: I use spend my extra, extra time doing nothing, staring into space, and allowing my mind drift to MY HAPPY PLACE. In other words ---- pagka TAMAA. hahahaha! :D

Ocho: The only way I get to use my other extra, extra time WISELY is by accomplishing my nursing requirements. And YES, that's extraordinarily RARE. I'd rather cross-stitch than do THAT. Too bad, eh? HAHAHA.

Nueve: I watch TV and i do go to the mall. *bow

Dies: Is there a dies? HAHAHA! :D Yes, there's just too much to do or nothing at all. Nothing AND everything. And yes, no matter how much i try to get away from this, I have to accomplish my requirements A-S-A-P. Graduation is just a few months away and what do i have? ZERO handle, 1 ASSIST. Goodness gracious. Should I call myself a GRADUATING student? HA! But no worries, I AM working on it. I will work on it. NEXT WEEK will be DEVOTED to my REQUIREMENTS (a procrastinator's sweet words. HAHAHA!)

On a lighter note, I will probably be OUT later. Last taste of freedom FOR NOW. hahaha! :D And yeahhhh, I'm not too BUMMMed about not being able to go and watch CHRIS BROWN and RIHANNA live as much as I did 5 days ago. I can accept it na. HAHAHA! :D Di naman ko ni Chris Brown. NE-YO napud. HAHAHAHA! :D

ciao.^^ See you in a month? HAHAHA! :D