Thursday, September 18, 2008

Oh, I'm Still Alive


First day blues has taken over me.
My body's in our REVIEW class, but my mind's out there.
I had the worst attack of SYBILISM.
Yet again.

So I say, "Let's have some cholesterol goodness BOYS."

Chicken skin + siomai sa Tisa + THAT chicken gizzard + chorizo + hanging rice a.k.a poso + Coke = fast remedy to beat the blues.

Oh yeah.
Let's bang the doldrums.

And just when I thought my day would end in that SMOKIN' place, those guys (CITOM?) had us racing to Fuente Circle.
Everything happened soooooo fast.
The last thing I remember was the "chat" that we had in Keb's car, and the next thing I knew, we were already near the rotunda. HAAHAA.
BLEH for those car-clamping guys.
And BOO to the government, or whoever's responsible, for not providing a parking space for Larsian customers.

And oh by the way, my day STILL didn't end there.
Joseph, Lorenzo and moi dropped by Robinson's (where we were almost locked in. HAHA) and Club Ultima before going home.

And here's a QUICKIE of some other activities:

Cindy Marco's Party --- the PEAK
Greenville Tuesday --- the air doesn't speak.
Club Figaro --- I supposedly made my requirements. BUT NOT REALLY. hahaha. 

STC Intramurals 2008 --- with fellow Theresians, Kayie and TONI (Mai, Theresian ka? HAHAHAHAHA!)
Gondola gliding --- Basta.
The DAILY ritual --- with you.

    New things.
    New discoveries.
    New experiences.
    New friends.

    OH YEAH.
    It has been quite a ride.