Monday, September 8, 2008

Hit or Miss (Yet Again)


*Why do you choose not to? (I bet you don't understand. I don't either.)

*There is a rainbow in the other side of Cebu. I don't see it. It's all gloom and somber in my side. Lorenzo can see it. Why can't I? What's up with rainbows choosing where their glorious colors can be seen?

*Who steals a smock gown with a name stitched on it for the world to see? Who steals a wobbly, overused, black school shoes? *sighs. I could buy another pair of shoe and I'll be happy. But the smock gown? DOTILLOS is stitched on that, ST**PID.

*Britney Spears bagged 3 awards from the 2008 VMAs. She's either finally grabbed that "comeback" or there is something fishy going on backstage. And I'm definitely not telling. Ha!

*I really should stop buying books. Well that's just FOR NOW, anyway. They're gathering dust in my shelf. I have to read them all before I start book-hunting again. Ha!

*There are so many things that I have to do academically. Requirements, Case Study, blah blah blah. Oh. I'd rather not talk about it. PROCRASTINATION is such a sweet thing. HAHAHA!

*Be a board exam topnotcher, get a brand new car of your choice for free. ARGGGGH.

*I really should stay away from bees. They sting.

Randomness strikes again.