Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Press Delete

Have I told you that I'm a morning person?
I have the strangest urge to go out everyday, every morning.
THE NIGHTLIFE is just not my thing.
I'd love to go out at night once in a while, but I usually have more fun when I go out some place where I can see people and talk to them properly rather than dilate my pupils and increase the volume of my voice to the point of screaming just so they can hear me.
But let's be honest, I'd love to go out at night too.
If I have great company, why not?

So anyway, I woke up a little earlier today.
My day's a little planned out.
I have to go to the Palace of Justice at 9AM and do some extra stuff.
And since it's still early, I checked my Yahoo! Mail, my friendster and my new blogsite.

Checking my e-mail was a horror.
I have 3454 messages in my inbox, 543 spam messages and 48 drafts.
And most of those messages are plain useless: Friendster alerts, Facebook confirmations, blah blah blah.
And to top it all off, I have 2,000++ undeleted, unimportant messages in my cellphone inbox.
Then I have another thousand in my folders and 11 drafts.
The only place that I hit the mark all, delete all button is my SENT MESSAGES.
(Coz I don't want anybody to know what I send to random people.HA!)

I am positively and absolutely sure that I have to delete ALL of these messages.
Delete the old ones.
Make room for new memories.

I laugh. :D