Monday, August 25, 2008

Hit or Miss (Coz It's Random Like That)

I woke up My mother woke me up at 8AM today.
I was soooooo tired for no reason at all and I got up only after my mother knocked on my door so hard that my eardrums hurt (exxag. haha)
I was so unproductive yesterday. My eyes were glued to the monitor for the whole day.
And yeah, I created this blog yesterday too. (James T.'s fault. HAHA)
I googled
for xml templates, changed the layout of my blog for the nth time, and ended up with this black premade template by Warpspire (whoever you are, thank you. HAHA)

So anyway, after endless prodding from my brother last night, I finally copied songs (2G
worth of memory) to his PSP's memory card. I wouldn't have inserted the USB cord to the port if I did not hear him arrive from basketball practice. HAHAHA. (good sister? hahahaha!)

Out of curiosity (Beijing Olympics 2008-related), I googled the "Olympic flame". HAHAHA. Why am I such a dork? HAHAHA.
And because I "trust" Wikipedia, I tapped on it. HAHAHA.
I only read the interesting parts of the article though.

I had a good laugh when I read about an official who re-lit the flame using a cigarette lighter. I didn't know that the flame had to be re-lit only by a backup of the original flame. THAT AND ONLY THAT. So the organizers of that 1976 Summer Olympics in Canada had to put out the flame AGAIN and re-lit it using the backup flame. WHEW. Such a hassle, noh? HAHAHA.

I made a new blog post after reading that article.
A sudden shift of emotion from total dorkiness to absolute seriousness.

But let's not talk about THAT.
Get over it and move on. *insert smirk here.

So after hours of facing the monitor (AGAIN), I realized that I lost my vocabulary and my writing skill needs sharpening. HAHAHA. I used to write so well in highschool. I even received an award in English essay writing when I graduated. Okay, let's be humble. HAHAHAHA! I totally lost touch of my first love. HA!
Love lost
, love found. (I'm trying to imply something, but don't get too confused. HAHAHA!)

I spent too many precious hours sitting here.
I have to get my butt off my seat and go out.
ciao. :)