Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Case of Infidelity


hahahaha! :D
Only one person knows why.

2. Received Call
End call.



A trip to the Palace! :D

(Palace of Justice, Capitol Site, Cebu City)

Due to certain, unavoidable circumstances, I had to stay in school while the rest of my classmates went to the Palace last Tuesday, August 19, 2008.
(Please correct me if I'm wrong. I have a sudden disorientation to time and place, precipitated by uncontrolled turn of events. HAHAHA)

I woke up this day due to the strong vibration coming from my phone, a text message received from Mr. Lorenzo Ong.
"Sa gym mi kita nowee"

I remember telling Lor that I would go with them to the Palace.
A part of me wants to stay in bed, sleep a little longer, but a bigger part, the responsible slash guilty part of me knows that I have to make up for that lost opportunity.
And so I woke up with that forced smile in my face, ready to conquer the world in my own little way.
(I'm a self-proclaimed morning, happy person after all)

And here goes the major part of my story:
A case of infidelity.
A declaration of nullity of marriage.


What the heck.

The only difference lies on its legal meaning.
But for a family, and most especially for a kid, they're all the same.

And what's so special about this CASE that we witnessed?
Let's just say that the YANG is the loving and loyal party, while the YIN, on the other hand, has not just 1, 2, or 3 sexual partners.
F-I-V-E to spell it out.
(and one of them is a priest)

There are so many parts to the story that need not be blogged.
And even though most of the people in the court were chuckling, I could feel the sadness radiating from the YANG.

It's sad.

And to make things worse, the YANG is an OFW working abroad to earn green money, while the YIN is a Psychology professor having, ahem, F-I-V-E sexual partners plus O-N-E (the YANG, that is)

And to quote the YANG,
"Ok pa ang isa, ikaduha ug ikatulo. Pero sa ikalima, di na kaya."