Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Music Box Ballerina

She stands inside her music box,
She dances for all to see,
But the one thing they don’t notice -
She’s longing to be free.

Thin and gentle, delicate and small,

Her perfection makes them sigh,

She shows them all a smile so bright,
But inside she wants to cry.

Her arms are growing weary -
From holding the perfect pose,
Her body’s getting tired -
From standing on her toes.

The ballerina girl dances to the tune,
Of a song to which her heart is not attune.
Not hearing, not seeing, just spinning all the time,
Living in monotony, longing to break free of the rhyme.

So she waits for the moment when she is free,

When she can hear,

When she can see.

She hopes for the time when she won’t spin,
For the time she hears the tune within.

The ballerina girl dances to the tune
of a song that is her cocoon.

Not hearing, not seeing, just wishing all the time,

When her heart will dance to its own rhyme.

Texts: Music Box Ballerina by Hannah E., Ypsilanti, MI and Ballerina Girl by iriegurl

The Music Box Ballerina
Model: Camille Veloso
Make-up: Camille Veloso
Lighting/location: Jonathan James Tan
Styling/direction/concept: Noelle Dotillos

I would also like to thank Kimberly Tan for her moral support ^^.
Thank you Kim for helping us with this shoot!~

Notes about the shoot:
1. This was a long overdue concept. I've always been fascinated with ballet and ballerinas. Their movements are breathtaking and they exude grace and sophistication.
2. And this a long overdue blog entry. :))
3. Date of photoshoot: August 23, 2010. Late is late. Ha!
4. 2 photos from the set were included in our exhibit at the Active Zone of Ayala Center Cebu last year
5. We didn't have any BTS shots. Sucks.

Errr. The ballerina had an accident when I was 6 years old. :)) You might have noticed that the arms aren't pointed in the same direction in 2 photos. Errrrr. I'm too lazy to re-photoshop it. Hahaha! :D