Tuesday, August 4, 2009

People at The Walk

The result of the People at The Walk Photo Contest is out!
I won!
Wooohoooo! :) Hahaha!
I am soooooo thrilled!
Taking photos is happiness in itself.
Winning and having your photos printed and displayed in a mall where hundreds of people hang out everyday is happiness times a hundred! Haha!
Car Talk at The Walk_1
Here are my winning entries.
Car Talk at The Walk_2
Car Talk at The Walk_3
I am so vain, I know.
Just don't mind me.
It is my FIRST time, after all. :)

The theme of the contest:

People regard The Walk as the perfect place for day and unwinding, relaxation and gimiks. It has become the converging hub of the yuppies or young professionals, college students and some families as well.
Participating photographers should depict in their entries the “priceless moments” at The Walk. The photo shoot will be within the premises of The Walk as well as at the Car Talk at the Walk event in the Open Parking across The Walk.


I would like to share this moment with Hester Renel who "stalked" with me last July 4, 2009. He even took one of the photos! Heeeeee! :D

Click on the thumbnails below
to view my winning photos and my other entries.
A Glamorous Life The Wink The Perfect Photo The Red Shutterbug A Dad's Joy Hold Me My Guardian Angel Child's Play The Red Shutterbug The Legacy Father And Son Gimik Walk to 'The-Walk'