Thursday, August 27, 2009

Make Your Own Havaianas 2009 + Awit Sayaw 2009

Welcome to Make Your Havaianas 2009!
(This is such a late post, I know. I've been so busy with brains and the spinal cord lately. Harhar.)
So anyway, last August 14 to 17, 2009, MYOH 2009 invaded the Atrium of the North Wing, SM City, Cebu.
It was the most anticipated event for all flip-flops enthusiasts.
This year, MYOH gives tribute to the lifestyle of the Filipinos, with its catchline, "Put some local soul into your step!

Her Name Is Noelle

Cebuanos from all over the island, young and old, were given an opportunity to choose from a palette of soles, straps, and most of all, the cool new embelishments. Culture and lifestyle pins were available, not to mention the uber cute Swarovskis. If you missed the event, you can check out this site for photos.
Her Name Is Noelle

Now, I present to you my very own pair.
Her Name Is Noelle

It is so meeeeeeeee!
And just so you know, I am not a fan of Havaianas.
I hardly go out with just a pair of flip-flops on.
But hey, who could resist that Lomo cam?
Her Name Is Noelle

I even got a LIMITED EDITION pin on one side, and a NOYPI pin on the other to celebrate the Pinoy in me.
I chose 6 alternating white and black diamond Swarovskis for each inner strap.

I know it's cute.
Her Name Is Noelle

Thank you Clyde for being there with me!
thank you soooooo much Hes for putting the sole, the strap, the embelishments altogether.
Thank you for making sure that one side is exactly a mirror image of the other.
You know how much of a perfectionist I am when it comes to design.
Eeeeep. Hahahaha!

Her Name Is Noelle


Moving on to another event,
I welcome you to Cebu Doctors' University's Awit-Sayaw 2009!


Her Name Is Noelle

Hats off to the people in charge of the stage and backdrop design, as well as the lighting.
It was really gorgeous!

Her Name Is Noelle

1 girl and 4 guys dancing to "Nobody
 Hilarious, right?
This is actually my first time to witness the Awit-Sayaw of Cebu Doctors' University (yep, my school).
I must admit, I wasn't disappointed AT ALL.
My 20Pesos was soooo worth it, and much much more!
Who would've thought that the tickets would be SOLD OUT?

Her Name Is Noelle

Nope, I wasn't cheering for the Pharmacy department.
I just thought this was cool. Haha!
Her Name Is Noelle

Congratulations to the hosts, most especially Miss Burden, for a job well done. :)

Her Name Is Noelle

Look at their hair and costume!

Her Name Is Noelle

Way to go College of Nursing!

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And of course, scream for MEDICINE!
My new family.

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Nobody will EVER forget that EPIC dance!
Cheers to the dance team.
You were amazing!

I am soooooo happy and soooooo lucky to be at the 5th row.
My friends and I were seated somewhere in the last rows before we were told that there were empty seats in front.
I was already emo in my seat, I swear!

I was disappointed (kinda, but yeah) because I couldn't join deBlur, CDU's annual photo contest, this year.
I was SUPPOSED to join. Oh well.

I already had the ID during the last day of registration. The next day, Miss Joyce of the Alumni Office called to tell me that I am not qualified to join the student category. They have to place me in the Alumni Category in which you have to pay a hundred for registration.
I am still a student of this University.
I am paying thousandSSS each sem and you still want a hundred from me?
To make the long story short, I told her that I wouldn't join.
And since the opening day of the Intramurals 2009 is also the day of my oathtaking, I decided to just let it go.

I am just glad the Awit-Sayaw was a success, and I was able to get decent shots. Harharhar. :D