Thursday, June 11, 2009

Missed Episodes

Oh hello there. *and smiles and waves and hugs an invisible buddy
Like Joseph (my very good friend and everything-in-between crony), I'd like to think I have readers who follow my blog and who actually miss me when I go AWOL.
So, hello to YOU buddy. *howdy?

Here you go.

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Swiss Alps Milk Chocolate for that much needed brain high.
Thank you Norlissa Godinez for this bar of neuroactive alkaloids (errr. HAHA)
I actually shared a piece or two with my friends, Kayie and MaiMai, during our on-call duty at Agnes Birthing Center eons ago. It has saved us from a fainting spell and has given me an endorphin release during those days. Hmmmm. Those days.

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*UPDATE on What's Cookin?:
We successfully passed our RE-ORAL DEFENSE.
With the perfect plan and the perfect script, what could possibly go wrong? hmmmm, the pictures MAYBE? harhar :D

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High heels and stilettos are love.
And since I am going back to school (YES, you read that right), money, cash, moolah, dinero's still coming baby.
More shopping sprees for moi. LALALALA.

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Moving on to more techy stuff, I got this ΓΌber cool alarm clock from Sony Expo monthSSS ago. How this baby works will be in my next blog. Or in the next one. HAHA.

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Need I say more?

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Joseph and James
, my study buddies for the NMAT.
Serious, eh?

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After all the drama in NURSING,
our time has come and graduation has finally arrived.
It was a story of success for some, gloom for a few, relief for almost everyone, and well, a door to enter for me.
And for the rest of the 2009 graduates, CONGRATULATIONS!
We deserve this.

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But life doesn't end after graduation.
Reality's mean.
I only had a few happy days before reality haunts me.
So for the meantime, I went HOME.

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Lola's birthday party.
Ram Carlo, swimmer in the making.
Sulking in my room.
Finding something to do.
Ending up with nothing.
Trying to be happy.
Finding happiness.

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And amidst the monotony of our life in Power Development Center, we were able to find something different.
Secondhand Serenade.
Although it was nothing compared to Boyce Avenue, I still enjoyed the perks of being there.
Having fun.
Highschool friends.
Singing songs that I know.

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But life's not always cruel, my friend.
Good things come to those who wait.
With prayer and patience, I was able to practice what I enjoy most: PHOTOGRAPHY.

The Fitness First Fashion Show.

It was truly a humbling experience.
And yeah, who wouldn't be happy with a month of free gym membership and coffee refills?
*Thank you Tita Helen and Tito Efren for the wonderful, wonderful opportunity.

But then again,
life has to move on.

21 days of solitude.

Status: I was the FIRST person to arrive in Don Bosco Retreat House for our in-house review and preparation for the Board Exam (hence Room #1). waited for hourSSS for the next person to arrive. L.

Tools: A bag of books, another bag for my clothes, and food.

Roomies: Norlissa Godinez and Jeanna Lamayan

Morning Activities: Waking up at 8AM or 9AM. Eating rice, egg, and some other breakfast food. Drinking Milo WITH coffee, cream and sugar. Taking a bath. Studying.

Afternoon Activities: Studying. Staying in room#23. Snacks. Idling. Taking a bath AGAIN.

Night Activities: Dinner. Yummmmm. Rosary with the group OR on my own. Waiting or not waiting for the GOLDEN HOUR (8PM). Studying. Staying in room#23 or room#18. Chika.

Sleeping Time: 10:00PM, 10:30PM, max of 11:00PM. That went on for a WEEK. It was only after the pre-board exam that I realized I had to do something about my sleeping habits. HAHA. Oh, those precious hours of snoozing. *Sniff.

Cellphone: SunCellular - non-functional ; Smart - contact with Mom and Dad ONLY

Favorite sound: the bell

: *Most punctual -- always first in line for the food
*Barista of the Year
*Drama Queen -- Hey, I won a title for our play in highschool. I have history. HAHA.

Cheat Day:
Lunch at T.G.I. Friday's. Ahhh, the food. :)

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In God's name, WE will pass the board exam.
And yes, we can! :)

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TTFN. :)