Thursday, April 11, 2013

They asked, I answered.

I was reading through my old blog when I found this draft. 
I can say that I'm pretty amused with my old self.


About 5 months ago, I started a Formspring account and so far, I've received 100+ awesome questions. I'm not a celebrity, but I do enjoy it when somebody asks me a random question. For now, I've classified some of my responses below. Enjoy!

What is it with noelle that other people doesnt know?
There are a LOT of things that people do not know about me. You just have to get to know me to know them. ;)
why are you in love w/ life? by vernongo
'Coz life's great and I am enjoying every moment of it. :)
haha so who is your "life" now? by bryanski
"Life" remains to be the unpredictable, crazy-fun life. Am I making sense? Hahaha! :)) So yeaaaah. If "life" magically transforms into a lovable species, I'd tell the whole wide world. ;)
How do you go about your daily life? by markcerbo
My everyday life pretty much starts at 6:30 to 7AM. I go to school at 8AM (sometimes at 10AM when we only have an Anatomy or Histology laboratory class --- LATE! Lol) Daily activities actually depend on my class schedule. The only constant thing on a weekday is my coffee. HAHA! :) I usually go to a coffee shop after class (I have to get away from THE BED). I go home at 10 or 11PM then allow myself to be lured by the interwebzzz. Haha! :)) On special days (or when I get lazy to do academic stuff), you can find me in random events practicing photography or eating random yumminess. :) So there. My life is a monotonous grind. ;)
Hi Noelle. I am always stunned when you are around.
LOL. :)) Ummm. Thank you? *confused. Hahahaha! :))
what is your favorite ritual before going to sleep? after waking up? hahaha
Before slumberland: Nothing special. I usually doze off without wanting to. Hahaha! :)) After waking up: No specific ritual. AGAIN. Hahaha! But my first thought of the day usually goes like this: "!?@$?#? What time is it?? 7? Sure? 7? Yesss! Class starts at 8!!" *and I die just for awhile then I take the towel and do everything in FF mode. Hahahaha! :))
How come you're so pretty?
Trust me I'm not. <3 But thankyouuuu anyway! Hehe!

Do you believe in fate?
If fate is serendipity, and serendipity is a fortunate chance, then I'd like to believe in fate like I believe in fairy tales. :) But on second thought, I'd rather not. (Confused much? Ha!) --- Everything happens for a reason. End of story.

what DSLR do you use? and the lens as well..
I am using a Canon 400D and as for the lens, please refer to the answer below. :) Thanks for dropping by!
what lens do you use? you're an awesome photographer! 8D
Wowwww! Thank youuuu! :) I only have 2 lenses: Canon EF-S 18-200mm f3.5-5.6 IS and Canon EF 50mm f/1.8. I do wish I have more! Hahaha! :)
How did you get into get into photography? hehe by NivekRNTorres
I am always fascinated by beautiful things. I've been drawing ever since I learned how to hold a pencil. I am a "frustrated" artist! LOL. I think photography just came along with my love for the Arts. But yeah, I also love taking photographs of people ever since I was young. My mom used to scold me coz I wasn't always in "my" photos. I had my first camera when I was in the 5th grade.. and my mom spent a lot for the films and the printing. I had my "aha!" moment in photography when I first took a silhouette shot of a fisherman. I will look for it and will try to upload it soon. Haha! :)
"My mom used to scold me coz I wasn't always in "my" photos." - [this happened to me to haha] Um... have you ever joined a photocontest? by NivekRNTorres
I joined 4 photo contests, I think. :)
Would you go out with a Nikon guy?
LOL! :)) Canon guy, Nikon guy, Sony Alpha guy, etc: would it even matter? :P

If you could go on vacation for the next month with an unlimited budget, where would you go?
I'd go to the most romantic place on earth where French is the language of love --- Paris! :) I'd gaze upon monuments, paintings and all of Paris' magnificent architecture. I'd stroll around boulevards and eat more than a dozen selection of yumminess. :) With whom? *thinks hard. Hahahaha!

What do you like more? the pink and gray uniform or the white one in med school?
I love my white uniform. It's the best thing next to my highchool (STC) uniform. Hahaha! :) It's comfortable. I can run around with it! Haha! :) The pink-gray uniform is just too restricting. In a LOT of ways. ;) Heehee!
what would you do if you failed first year med??
I would dieeee! KIDDING. Hahaha! :) Oh jeeez. That is the SCARIEST thing. Haha. I wouldn't want to say things that I probably wouldn't do. It's going to be very different once you ARE IN THE SITUATION. One thing is for sure though. I am going to finish this. Hahaha! :)
why take a med course? by vernongo
Coz there's no more job opening for new nurses. HAHAHA. Kidding! :) --- I've always wanted to become a doctor like my Mom. Even though it's difficult, I find happiness in learning how our bodies work everyday. :) And yeah, I can see myself writing a doctor's order rather than nurse's notes. :) Heeehee!
Since you are now in medical school, who do you have the "hots" for in 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year PGI ? HAHA
I don't have the "hots" for anyone in med school and even if I do, I'm not tellin! Hahaha! Hey schoolmate!
[Medicine! *bows*] What would your specialization be? by NivekRNTorres
Cosmetic surgery! :)))
Why nursing? by NivekRNTorres
'Coz nursing is an art and I love anything artsy <3 Hahaha! :)) Seriously though, my undergrad course has helped me in soooo many ways --- interacting with all kinds of people, understanding their needs, listening to them and most of all, giving care. I do believe in the power of a good patient-doctor relationship. <3

Do you enjoy the place where you live?
Yes, I do. Nowi <3 Cebu. ;)

do you play any musical instrument?
Playing the flute counts, right? HAHAHAHA! :) Seriously though, I wish I listened to my mom when she asked me to sign up for piano lessons. I was an introvert. LOL :) I'm learning to play the guitar now, though! Woooooo! P.S. I was serious about the flute. :)

If you could have been the author of any book, what would it have been?
The Little Prince :) It is a novel of a pure untainted heart. Everyone should take the time to read it. "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."
What's your favorite novel? ;) by aimee26
So many good stuff, so hard to choose! Haha! :) Hmmm. Lemme see. My favorite novel would have to be "The 5 People You Meet in Heaven" by Mitch Albom. Yeppp! That guy who wrote "Tuesdays with Morrie" and "For One More Day". Good stuff, good stuff. :)

No and never. :)
when was the last time you ever got totally wasted and drunk?? what happened?
Good news, buddy! I was never in that situation. :) I don't drink-drink (inom-inom) and get wasted. Hahahaha!

starbucks or coffee bean and tea leaf?
Starbucks! <3

Definitely House M.D! I'm a huge fan of Dr. Gregory House and Dr. Chase's Australian accent! Hahaha!

stinky feet or stinky breath?
Oh jeeez! This is difficult! Hahaha! :) If I were to choose between two evils, I'd go for stinky feet. Hahaha! I know! INSANE. Hahaha! :)) I bring 3 kinds of mints in my bag all the time --- I am pretty OC about it (stinky breath)! Hahaha! And besides, I can forgive medically-related stinkiness. Lels! :))
hairy chest or hairy back?
Lesser evil! HAIRY CHEST! Hahahaha! :)) Who asked this??
what's your guilty pleasure? (pls. elaborate) ^^ by reigun
Oh my! HAHA! :D I'd have to say that my no. 1 offense is wasting untold hours online. Oh mannnn. I love ze interwebzz! Also, I have a huge weakness for sugar and everything nice. Hahaha! I love dessert. The good stuff! :) I'm a foodie at heart! <3 And oh, Backstreet Boys! Hahahahaha! :))
white or black?
Classic black :) --- Johan? HAHAHAHA!
What's your favorite drink?
Chax red tea from our school canteen. Tastes like red iced tea but with more zing. HAHA! :)
my question is...Shall I compare thee to a Summer's day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate:)) hehe...hmmm sweet and funny guy who will make u happy and wont tire of making u fall in love everyday...u must be talking about adam sandler!! hahaha
Shakespeare, is that you? :)) HAHAHA. And nope! I was talking about Ashton Kutcher. ;)
Ashton Kutcher? seriously!? He's a manwhore! haha...kidding! so here's a good one for u...if i were talkin to ur bestfriend ryt now, what would be the most embarrassing/funniest thing he/she would say that ever happened 2 u that only the two of u knew??
:)) --- Hmmm. Lemme think. Haha! :) Here goes --- My cousin, Camille, is one of my bestfriends. When we were younger (I was 8 or 9), we used to compete over the little stuff -- like who gets the best fork, the perfect spoon, the cleanest plate, the shiniest pair of school shoes, the best chair, the best spot at the dinner table. It's insane really. We even compete at who gets the best (meaning the shortest) bath/shower time. Gross. I knoooow! HAHAHA! :D
kinsa imo crush sa CBS?
Kung mu join si Coco Martin sa CBS, siya akong crush! Lolzz. Mehganun! :P
can i stalk you? -james t.
Be my guest. Hahahaha! :))
Which do you prefer, TAXI or JEEPNEY >_< I dunno what's wrong wif me brain by vernongo
Aircon! HAHAHAHA! :)) But I do ride oa jeepney when I have to SAVE money. Lol
kung ikaw ay isang prutas, ano ka at bakit?^^ by reigun
Durian. You either like me or you don't. LOLzzz! Pwede rin Cebu's finest mango: sobrang sweet! HAHAHAHA! :))
sam milby or derek ramsey?
Derek! Why? :P Funneeee!
kung 3 na lang ang buhok mo sa ulo. ano mas gusto mo? naka trensas(braided) or naka lugay?
Gusto ko nalang magpa-opao! HAHAHAHA! :)) Funnnnneeeee!
hahaha..thanks.. here's one: how would you want to be approached by a total stranger? hahaha.. anyway, take care also noelle. - fischer
Just be yourself! Haha! :) A simple "hi" would be fine and it would be great if you introduce yourself, too!
taga ibang planeta ako. saan mo ako itotour? by reigun
Syempre sa Cebu! :) Hahaha! Maraming magagandang babae.. este.. lugar dito! LOLzz! :)) Seriously though, I believe that Cebu has so much to offer --- good food, beaches, epic night out, awesome people! You can't go wrong with Cebu's lechon and mangoes! Cebu has grown in so many aspects and inspite of that, we, Cebuanos, continue to be the friendliest and most unforgettable people that you will ever meet. ;)
Do you Google yourself?
Honestly? YEPP! Hahahaha! :)) But it wasn't for vanity or egotism's sake. I just wanted to know which of my online communities or website would come up first in the search engine. I did it only once though. Hahaha! :)) This is interesting! Thaaaanks! :)
Adidas or Nike?
My hoodies are all from Adidas. Sooooo yeah. Adidas. :) But I do love Nike's celebrated ad slogan --- JUST DO IT! :) Nike has the best motivational quotes! I <3.

"All your life you are told the things you cannot do. All your life they will say you're not good enough or strong enough or talented enough; they will say you're the wrong height or the wrong weight or the wrong type to play this or be this or achieve this. They will tell you no, a thousand times no, until all the no's become meaningless. All your life they will tell you no, quite firmly and very quickly. And you will tell them YES."
which is better: masarap ang libre o masarap ang bawal? pls. explain your choice. ^^ by reigun
Syempre MASARAP ANG LIBREEEE! Erf, erf! :)) Hahahaha! I would love to have free food all the time! All the tiiiime. HAHAHA! :)) Everything just tastes better when it's for free! Doing anything "bawal" or forbidden would probably give me a temporary satisfaction but in the end, I'd be guily. I'd rather go for freebieees! Free "Oreo Coffee Layered Twist" at McDonald's pleasssse. :)
arms or abs?
Arms! But aren't they supposed to be together?! It'd be weird to have super toned arms with a beer belly. :P FUHNEEEEEE! Who asked this? LOLzzzz. :))
Think of a three-letter word that has two consonants and a vowel and tell us why you chose that one? :)
Dog! :) Coz I want one! Rarrrr! :))