Friday, May 14, 2010

My Birthday, My Democratic Right to Vote

Monday was the day that most of the Filipinos embraced NoyNoy Aquino's promise to fight the endemic issue of graft and corruption. It was also the eve of the country's automated election. It wasn't as smooth as we have hoped for, but like any other "first", minor glitches are to be expected.

I've been pretty busy several days before the election. I had a dozen of appointments and a field campaign to boot.

Banana-que + tempura + kwek2x + buko juice = street food goodness!
After days of being busy in the city, I had to go back to my home town, Borbon, to celebrate my birthday and most importantly, to cast my vote.

I love our country's colorful version of democracy.

I believe that not all people in the government are corrupt.
And yes, I wore green for a reason.

Election officials hailed Monday's vote as a success, but I think we need to adopt a more organized system. It took me 15 minutes to wait in line and to vote, but not all people are as lucky as I am. Waiting for 9 hours ain't cool, you know.
My funky nails!
I do hope that this year’s outcome will not stop people from participating in the next electoral process. It has been a success for millions, a grief for some. Call me idealistic, but I strongly believe that there is hope for our mother land. Fighting corruption and other irregularities is a tough challenge. Let us not blame the government for everything. Cliché as it may sound, change starts from within. I am proud to say that I have voted for a man who sparks such enthusiasm in me, such an exciting feeling of involvement and most of all, hope.

God bless the Philippines.

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