Sunday, May 16, 2010

I ran (and survived) my first 5K! (Rundaue 2010)

I can give you a number of excuses, er, reasons for my sedentary lifestyle. I'm a medical student. I (need to) study during my free time. I always feel the need to rest after (insert # here) grueling hours of reading and trying to understand a gazillion of things. I wake up, or try to anyway, early everyday. There's just no time to be physically active! It has been months (a year maybe?) since I've been to the gym. The only place where I feel "active" is at the mall --- I love window shopping! It's the next best thing to brisk walking.

So after a year of no-exercise and pigging-out almost every night, I realized that I need to get my butt off my seat and start to get fit. When Doyzkie texted me about this year's Rundaue, I said YES in a heartbeat.

I honestly have qualms about the event. First of all, I have not engaged in any moderate to heavy physical activity for a year. Second, I have difficulty waking up early. 3AM? Puhleaaase! I know. I need to suck it up and quit whining. It's time. Just run!

I asked my friends to call me at 3AM. Gotta be early or never! Thankfully, I was able to get up, answer the phone and finally prepare myself for my 5K run. I realized that the most effective way to get up is to put your phone a meter or two away from you. When it rings, you need to stand up to turn it off.

I arrived at the assembly area at 4:30AM. Just perfect for a short warm-up and a quick chit-chat with friends. Due to excitement, I wasn't able to take note of our "starting time." I just ran.

It's always better to have great company.
There were moments when I wanted to make a turn and give up. But whenever I looked at the people around me (even kids!), I feel motivated to run again. It's the strength of others that keeps me going.

"In running, it doesn't matter whether you come in first, in the middle of the pack, or last. You can say, 'I have finished.' There is a lot of satisfaction in that."
-Fred Lebow, New York City Marathon co-founder 

The not-so-perfect route, the foul smell, the smoke, the nanosecond dizziness, the lack of water stations and the slight cramp are all worth it. I feel healthy in every inch of my body.

I've never felt so active in a long time.

This is going to be the first of more runs. 

Run for love.
Run for health.
Run for challenge.
Run for fun.
Run because you can.

I am looking forward to the next 5K run, a 10K run, or even a full marathon.


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  • May 23, 2010: The 1st Eagle Run sponsored by Sacred Heart School Boys batch 85. 5k and 10k run at CDU , Mandaue North Reclamation. Early bird: P250. P300 week before the race.
  • June 5, 2010: The Looney Tunes Fun Run
  • June 13, 2010: The ABS-CBN Kapamilya Run --- More details to come