Tuesday, May 18, 2010

5 Things to Jump Start My Day

There are 5 things to be thankful for this morning.

1. The self-proclaimed morning person is back! ME! Goodbye grumpy self.
2. My muscles don't ache that much anymore. Yesterday was hell.
3. I checked my mail and received interesting news.
4. The awesome sky is awesome. IKR. (I know right?)
5. I had an early morning run!

Some random shots using my phone's cam OR camera phone.
Whichever you prefer.

My brother and I wanted to have an early morning run at the Cebu City Sports Complex (Abellana) yesterday. Due to certain circumstances (e.g. delayed onset muscle soreness/DOMS after my 5K run, my brother's back pain), we decided to relax and do it today instead.

I woke up early (5:30AM to be exact), drank 3 glasses of water and ate nothing. I'm not sure if I should eat before running or if I should do it afterwards (or eat before AND after). Please enlighten me.

I learn my lesson pretty quick and stretched religiously this time. I ran on my own, at my own pace, with the perfect tunes to accompany me.

Don't you just wish to have that perfect song playing in the background at a perfect or not-so-perfect moment?
Oh yes, just like in the movies?
I know I do. *Hello cheesy self!

I like the feeling of running-walking-running. Imagine this: you’re all alone (even if there are people around you), just running, people still asleep (except for that person at your back who's running too), the wind on your face, and the only thing you can hear is your heart thumping (or that perfect tune) and your breathing. Awesome. Empowering.

Running kinda reminds me of ATV bug cars at Boracay.

The feeling of being in control is exhilarating.

Oh by the way, have you been to Abellana lately? Can someone please fix that race track? The "wrinkles" and the occasional puddles of water are making it nearly impossible for a runner (or a wannabe-runner slash fun runner like myself) to run safely. Jeez! *and this is me ranting